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MAY 2015

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106 • SHOPPING CENTER BUSINESS • MAY 2015 R E S T A U R A N T R E V I E W millwork package to brighten the feel for Millennials but also not lose Corner Bakery Cafe's Italian heritage. Floors and booth backs were lightened. Older floors featured small Italian-style hexagon tile, wood or even carpet. "In the new proto- type, we're building one floor type and it's a light, large format Travertine tile that runs throughout the building," says Price. "It really lightens the space up a lot, and it's much easier to care for." The new look also brings Corner Bak- ery Cafe's coffee program — which used to be hidden in the back — front and for- ward. "We have a great coffee program, but we were burying it," says Price. "The quality of the bean that we use is equal to Starbucks." Today, Corner Bakery Cafe is enjoying a significant uptick in business during the mid-afternoon 'chill' hours, especially among Millennials, thanks to its great coffee, bakery fresh sweets and free Wi-Fi. Dinner business has picked up about 10 percent as well, with some stores doing upwards of 30 percent of their business now at dinnertime. While the 3,600-square-foot 5X proto- type attacked the front of the house with new efficiencies, lighter colors and greater emphasis on coffee, the even newer Proto 6 design addresses the back of the house as well, including the kitchen. "Our older prototypes had 56 pieces of custom equip- ment in the kitchen, and the new Proto 6 cuts that down to four," says Price. "One of our strategic goals is to lower the cost to build, the cost to open and the cost to operate. You take out these custom pieces and it dramatically reduces the costs to open and the costs to operate." The first 3,300-square-foot Proto 6 model, which has not yet been released to franchisees, opened in late February 2015. "We're very cautiously optimistic," says Price. "Two of the three stores that we're building for the company later this year are planned Proto 6's. We will build those from the ground up and if that goes well, then in early 2016, we'll spec these buildings to the franchise partners." SCB Pine Tree Commercial Realty, LLC 40 Skokie Boulevard, Suite 610 Northbrook, IL 60062 | 847.735.0600 Over seventy shopping centers later, we're still at it. Learn more at: The new prototype brings Corner Bakery Cafe's coffee program front and forward.

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