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MAY 2015

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12 • SHOPPING CENTER BUSINESS • MAY 2015 298 | WESTFIELD FOCUSES ON CALIFORNIA With world class centers as the company's strategy, Westfield is currently investing more than $1.7 billion in several centers in California to enhance their performance. By Randall Shearin 304 | ENTERTAINING PLACES Merlin Entertainments is the world's second largest attraction-based com- pany, with more than 100 attractions around the globe. Several are expanding in the U.S. By Randall Shearin 308 | EXPANDING OPPORTUNITY From Fifth Avenue to Nashville — Gene Spiegelman of Cushman & Wake- field comments on activity in thriving retail markets across the U.S. By Randall Shearin and Jaime Lackey 314 | MOONBEAM SHINES BRIGHT With a number of redevelopment projects underway, Moonbeam Capital Investments has carved a space as a buyer of 'broken' assets. By Randall Shearin 318 | SILICON VALLEY'S RETAIL BOOM Once the sleepy cousin to San Francisco, Silicon Valley has rebounded from bubbles and bursts to its current boomtown status — and its affluent residents know what they want when it comes to retail. By Nellie Day 321 | BUNDLING UP Integrating different types of retail centers into one hybrid destination is an increasingly common development strategy. By Jim Baeck 324 | INVENTRUST — NEW NAME, STRONG PLAYER Inland American Real Estate Trust has become InvenTrust Properties. By Randall Shearin 326 | GROWING A NEW COMMUNITY At 7,500 acres, Quay Valley, in California's Central Valley, is designed to be a community for the future. By Randall Shearin 329 | TARGETING MULTIPLE GENERATIONS Retail must target five generations with different needs and wants. By Jill Bensley 331 | A NEW OUTLET FOR LONG-TIME RETAIL DEVELOPER New England Development adds several outlet centers to its portfolio. By Jaime Lackey 332 | TURNING ASPHALT INTO GOLD Creating new uses for non-functional centers is a challenge many are embrac- ing. By Glenn Brill FEATURES 321 326 318 298 331

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