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MAY 2015

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212 • SHOPPING CENTER BUSINESS • MAY 2015 more than 1,700 locations nationwide, including more than 100 in Texas. Newk's is one of several competitors looking to emulate that success. Newk's serves salads and sandwiches in a total of 78 locations across 13 states, including nine in Texas. The company owns and operates 11 stores; with the remaining 67 franchised, and is now expanding into San Antonio and west Texas. "We're trying to build a foundation with great success based on a strategy that involves brand awareness," says Cheek. "There are a lot of great markets for a Newk's. We're confident the model works in markets of all sizes." Germany to austin and Beyond VertsKebap is another example of a newer fast casual concept that's rapidly expanding. Dominik Stein co-founded the restaurant with Michael Heyne. The two studied business at the University of Texas at Austin beginning in 2008. Stein and Heyne were international students from Germany, and soon noticed one of their favorite foods from home was miss- ing in the United States. Döner kebap is a rotisserie meat that originated in Turkey. Over the years the food spread across Europe to become a popular street food all over the continent. Heyne and Stein decided Americans would also enjoy kebap, so they opened their first VertsKebap location in Austin in 2011. Today there are 21 VertsKebap restau- rants in Austin, Dallas and Houston. A San Antonio location will open in May, followed by a second location this fall. Plans call for further expansion in the fu- ture, though Stein has not decided which markets will be next. All of the entrees served at VertsKebap are 550 calories or below, which Stein says is one of the main reasons for the restau- rant's popularity. VertsKebap restaurants range in size from 2,000 to 2,500 square feet. Stein says he targets end caps in strip centers for new restaurant locations. He adds that customers are looking for a high-quality product that arrives quickly. It's the place to be. The new epicenter of activity – a sought after destination delivering an experience to shoppers, entertainment seekers and families across the Southeast. welcome to the mixed-use development of NEW PLACES MAKING lots of An upscale shopping and dining development within a frst-of-its-kind $1.2 billion mixed-use project. Centrally located on 74 acres in northwest Atlanta's platinum triangle, this vibrant development seamlessly brings together the new SunTrust Park and surrounding community of shopping, dining, entertainment, living and working. Eleven Piedmont Center 3495 Piedmont Rd, NE • Ste 905 • Atlanta, GA 30305 404-907-1709 • Tom+Chee was founded in 2010 and boasts 24 locations, but the founders hope to total 55 locations by the end of this year. The restaurant, which focuses on grilled cheese sandwiches, targets customers ages 18 to 44.

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