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MAY 2015

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ADVERTORIAL How did you get into teaching and training commercial real estate leasing agents, brokers and property managers? With nearly 30 years in retail real estate, I've bought, sold, leased, developed, redeveloped, consulted with, and managed shopping centers of all shapes, sizes and importance, including quite a few of my own. I love teaching, coaching and mentoring others more than anything else. For the longest time, I coached for fun (and for free). In 2008, at the height of the retail abyss, with retail vacancies at record levels, I knew some centers were still thriving. I thought I knew why; there are certain quantifi able behaviors that, when practiced consistently (in any market), will consistently outperform in any market. The unsuccessful people then — and now — weren't unlucky, they were stuck. The successful people then — and now — weren't lucky, they were busy. So that year, I took it upon myself to teach those behaviors — unstick the stuck, so to speak — and Azor Advisory Services was born. What makes your approach diff erent than other sales and marketing programs? First, I have skin in this game. I've experienced great success and I've had my share of clunkers. My clients really appreciate that I'm willing to leverage my personal experience and my rolodex to help them achieve their business objectives. With me, you get more than a pretty Power Point fi lled with tired sales platitudes that you will forget by lunch. Instead, I show my clients and their teams exactly what they need to do in the fi eld, where it counts. You mentioned certain 'behaviors' shared by all successful people. Can you give us one or two now? Sure. Successful people in our industry cultivate good day-to-day habits and emphasize best practices and fundamentals, in good times and bad. They won't get complacent and suddenly forget how to sell because the phones are ringing again, and they don't get frustrated when the phones aren't ringing. They develop and use reliable and replicable marketing systems. They track their numbers, and they can just as easily anticipate needs and opportunities as they can pinpoint and fi x fl aws. They never stop canvassing, no matter what their level. You'll fi nd they spend 10 hours per week canvassing for new leads at the minimum, no matter what. Beth Azor Owner, Azor Advisory Services HOW MUCH IS YOUR VACANCY REALLY COSTING YOU? 10,000SF X $20NNN = $200,000 / 9 CAP = OVER $2,000,000.00! The average center leaves $2million on the table... per center… per year. Do you know why? ore importantly, do you know what you can do to make sure you're not one of them? HIRE BETH AZOR TO COACH YOUR TEAM TO HIGHER OCCUPANCY! One Day Workshop Including Prospecting in YOUR Market! OBTAINING LEADS IS GUARANTEED! BETH AZOR A ZOR ADVISORY SERVICES, INC. O FFICE: 954-615-0615 M OBILE: 305-970-0416 B ETH@AZORADVISORYSERVICES.COM WWW.AZORADVISORYSERVICES.COM "One, if not the most effective presentation I have participated in during my entire real estate career. The challenges and oppor- tunities of our industry are well synthesized in Beth's presentation. Best yet, the results are immediate. The enthusiasm, energy and excitement to take advantage of everything Beth discusses is electrifying throughout our entire leasing team, top down!" - Daniel M. Taub, Chief Operating Officer, DLC Management Corp.

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