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MAY 2016

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RETAIL REVIEW 96 • SHOPPING CENTER BUSINESS • May 2016 third about a year and a half after that." At current, the restaurant has grown to over 40 locations sold with 19 currently open. "We're in California, Indiana, Col- orado, Virginia, Florida and we're about to open our frst location in Atlanta," says Gilad. "We're bringing healthy food across America." For Gilad, the most meaningful sup- port has come from others struggling with severe food allergies. "Our daughter has struggled with a fear of food," says Gilad. "She's skinny and fragile. Everywhere she goes she can touch something that she's allergic to, and food kills people. It's been so heartwarming — we have so many parents come in and thank us because they are going through the same thing we are. We didn't real- ize what a large com- munity of people suf- fer with food allergies, and that community has really embraced us." Aside from those with food allergies, Vi- tality Bowls is popular with a wide range of customers. "Everyone asks me about our typ- ical customer, and the answer is: everyone," says Gilad. "From chil- dren to men, women and grandparents, our food appeals to every- one because it tastes so good. More and more, people are edu- cated on healthy food and want to put good things into their bodies. We have a lot of high school and college students who don't normally love to eat broccoli and kale, but they get an açai bowl with those ingredients in it, and they're eating their vegetables." As far as locations are concerned, Vitality Bowls works best in an 800 to 1,200-square-foot space in retail centers or malls. "We're by movie theaters, in shopping centers and in downtown en- vironments and malls," says Gilad. "We have a variety of successful locations and we think that we can be successful in many different spaces. We tend to look for more affuent areas due to our higher price point." As far as the interiors go, Vitality Bowls keeps with a casual, urban industrial de- sign. "We keep it pretty cool and casual with free WiFi, music and televisions play- ing sports," says Gilad. "It's very warm and inviting with woods and gray tones with pops of purple and orange. We also have cement or wood foors." With franchisees in the mix, Vitality Bowls continues to see escalating growth across the U.S. "Moving into franchising has been exciting and it's been a lot of work," says Gilad. "It's one thing to make our store successful and to own and op- erate our locations; it's another thing to work with brand new entrepreneurs and give them the tools and training that go along with owning your own business." "It's been hard, and it's been exciting and rewarding," says Gilad. "Every new store that opens, I still cry. We're really proud to be able to offer an allergy safe restaurant across America." SCB Signature pops of purple and orange can be seen in each Vitality Bowls store. Vitality Bowls appeals to a broad range of patrons, from children to millennials and ftness-conscious adults.

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