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MAY 2016

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CINNABON 142 • SHOPPING CENTER BUSINESS • May 2016 C innabon is on a roll. The famous cinnamon roll franchise, whose presence in shopping malls has been a mainstay for nearly 30 years, is sweetening its deal. With a new store prototype exciting landlords, franchisees and customers alike, plus an aggressive push to grow its licensed products business, brand awareness for Cinnabon has never been higher — 95 percent — and is truly the icing on top. RETAIL 101 Taking advantage of brand momentum, the company plans to parlay its household name and more than $800 million in 2015 retail sales to remodel approximately 40 locations this year and open an undisclosed number of new stores domestically and abroad. Cinnabon also has unveiled a new logo for the first time in 15 years. "A lot of what we've done is a page from the book of Retail 101," President Joe Guith told Shopping Center Business from the FOCUS Brands headquarters in Atlanta last month. "[Retailers] have cool fixtures and they look great, but they're not putting in real hardwoods — they're laminate, but they look good. It's the 'Disney effect,' if you will. We took a lot of cost out of the back of the store and put it into the front; this new unit actually costs the same as the old. We didn't blow the budget." The new look is fast and flexible. Store team members can change digital menu boards and marketing screens swiftly, as well as pull down magnetic menu boards and replace them with ease. Painted murals can be changed out like windows. The new bakery case is more flexible to accommodate smallwares if merchandising needs a change. "We can change the whole look of the bakery for a couple thousand bucks," Guith says. "And be like a retailer versus 'I've got to remodel the whole thing because everything's done in fixtures and finishes that were supposed to last forever' — but the reality is, in today's world, you can't build a unit and let it sit for 10 years and hope that it'll be relevant by the end of its life. It's just not going to work that way." The overall concept design is cleaner, lighter and more contemporary but also warm, inviting and textural. Graphics are simpler, more up-to-date and more lifestyle-oriented. "It's embracing all that we were but updating it," Guith says. "Reaction has been overwhelmingly positive." A Sweet Deal Shopping mall veteran Cinnabon sweetens the deal for franchisees, landlords and customers with a hot new prototype and lucrative licensing. Katie Lee Cinnabon's new prototype puts products and ingredients first. Pictured is one of its first new units, at North Point Mall in Atlanta.

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