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MAY 2016

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PERCENTAGE RENTS 212 • SHOPPING CENTER BUSINESS • May 2016 And, of course, everyone has said, 'when is this going to be available?' We've done research and development, and it's all about the user experience. The validation has been consistent throughout the jour- ney of putting this together. We've gotten great responses from retailers, and the cli- ents that I serve are excited because what we're fixing is something that they know needs to be addressed. What is really in- teresting is that many of the larger compa- nies who could build this themselves, have said, 'you've done it, and we've known you for a long time and you understand our business, so we don't have to do it now.' Here's the key: what we've built is the abil- ity for a retailer to report one store or all of their stores to one landlord or all of their landlords in one simple step. They don't have to stuff envelopes anymore, or use faxes or send emails. They can go to one location on the web, log in, and literally send a file through us for every landlord that they have who subscribes. They are going to be our biggest fans because they will then go to their other landlords who aren't subscribing yet, and say this is how we want to do it. An executive for one of the major REITs told me, 'when retailers start telling us this is how we want to do business, we will be with you and we'll have to do it. We may not be early; we may not be first because we have other priority projects to work on. When our tenants are saying this is the way we want to do it, they'll follow.' SCB: That seems to be a case where busi- ness begets business. Lamy: Absolutely. We have created this software that really brings the landlords and the merchants together, because it's a shared solution that helps both sides. To me, the relationship must always remain in the win-win quadrant. Both landlord and tenant have to benefit. SCB: How does the system work so that retailers feel secure in using it, and cen- ter owners feel like they aren't going to receive someone else's data? Lamy: We use the latest state-of-the art encryption software. Once the tenant enters its sensitive sales data, it will be encrypted. Only authorized members of the landlord staff can access the data by entering their security code password. It's in a reliable and highly secure environ- ment. With the way that the architecture is designed, each landlord's information is isolated by subscriber company and by property. The retailers are invited as part of the security protocol, and once they are set up in the system, they log on, enter their information and only their landlord sees those specific stores' sales data based on how their information has been identi- fied with the unique character. All of their store locations have unique identifiers so it's all protected, and their landlords only see their leased stores. Retailers see their information, and no one can ever access anyone else's data. One of the reasons that we've gotten the response we have is that my clients have experienced for over three decades how I protect and treat their data. AMERICA'S SHOPPING CENTER FOR PET SUPPLIES PETS ARE RECESSION RESISTANT • $58 billion industry and growing 1 • 20 consecutive years of growth 1 OWN YOUR OWN PET SUPPLIES PLUS FRANCHISE • America's favorite neighborhood pet store • 330 stores in 26 states with great territories available • Celebrating 26 years PSP Franchising, LLC, 17197 N. Laurel Park Drive, Suite 402, Livonia, MI 48152 This advertisement is not an offer to buy a franchise. An offer to buy a franchise can be made by prospectus only. 1 According to the APPA: ©2016 Pet Supplies Plus. All rights reserved. "We've been with Pet Supplies Plus for 20 years and have 36 stores. The Pet Supplies Plus system is ideally suited for pet lovers-entrepreneurs who want to open multiple units that are manager run." – Steve Adams For more information visit us online at or contact: Franchise Development: Steve Olson at 734.793.6532 Real Estate Development: Josh Goldstein at 734.793.6560

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