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PACIUGO GELATO 224 • SHOPPING CENTER BUSINESS • May 2016 also has a line of sorbets, which are wa- ter-based, to give a fat free and dairy free alternative to its dairy-based gelatos. "Part of creating a quality product is making one where the taste is clean and really shines through," says Vincent Ginatta. Paciugo also operates its manufacturing facility to the highest standards; its pro- duction plant is SQF Level 2 certified, the highest independent third-party audit available. As part of that process, every product and ingredient is tested before use, and each machine is cleaned thor- oughly between products. "Aside from having a very delicious product, we want to have a very safe prod- uct," says Vincent Ginatta. Paciugo differentiates itself by offering unique flavors that are anything but run of the mill: recent offerings include honey fig swirl, mascarpone chocolate and rum, pistachio almond, tre vaniglie, amarena black cherry swirl and Mediterranean sea salt caramel. For each product, Paciugo sources fresh or artisan ingredients. The tre vaniglie flavor, for example, is made with a unique blend of three vanillas. While gelato will always be the core of Paciugo, the company is also expand- ing its product offering to create coffee drinks and shakes based on its gelato fla- vors. It has also created gelato-based fro- zen chocolate truffles and a brioche and gelato pressed dessert that is hot on the outside and frozen inside. "Variety is a huge part of our brand," says Vincent Ginatta. "If you go to any of our stores — even our kiosk locations, which are a very small footprint — and you will find many different flavors and offerings." A recent consumer study among con- sumers who knew the brand rated Paciu- go higher than other frozen dessert brand. "What we do resonates with the cus- tomer; they get it and they like it," says Vincent Ginatta. Because of the quality ingredients and taste of the final product, many customers have a hard time picking just one flavor. Paciugo offers the option of having multi- ple flavors in a single serving. Customers enjoy variety, and Paciugo wants to de- liver as much of that as possible. Frozen desserts have a broad appeal; aside from being an affordable treat, young and old both like them. Paciugo is paving the way with a national gelato chain, and part of that is educating the customer on what ge- lato is and what it should be. Most gelato stores tend to be local or regional, where the store operator manufactures on site. "You will often have local operators who are both the chef and the propri- etor; they usually tout the richness and flavor of their gelato product, and it is delightful," says Ugo Ginatta. "You also have operators who do not make a good representation of what gelato is. We have invested in our supply chain so that we can create and deliver a consistently delicious product coast-to-coast." "The brand is completely about prod- uct," adds Vincent Ginatta. "It is about the finest ingredients and how we put those together. A lot of the magic happens at our manufacturing facility in Dallas. We have developed our recipes from genera- tions of family and new creations that we create as ingredients present themselves." With other frozen dessert concepts making a comeback over the past decade, many shopping center owners are look- ing for something to differentiate their offerings. Gelato may be a perfect fit for an owner seeking something out of the ordinary, and fitting with a high quality, high class environment. SCB Paciugo's smaller kiosk-based unit has become popular at many malls. Pictured is a unit at Stonebriar Centre in Dallas. As Paciugo introduces new products, it is creating new ways to showcase them, like this "grab & go" display at one of its stores.

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