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MAY 2017

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MIXED-USE DESIGN 156 • SHOPPING CENTER BUSINESS • May 2017 tainment a viable anchor in some projects. Instead of a simple bar, we are now seeing working breweries, where beer is made in quantity. Not only can a brewery poten- tially serve as an on-site supplier for other restaurants, but they may also include a family-friendly food court and retail offer- ings, as well as a Tap Room and/or larger event space for corporate events. Guests can tour the brewing process. Bowling and golf retailers have taken a similarly ambitious approach to "upsizing" their of- ferings, with higher quality in-house food and beverage offerings. And cinemas have been among the most creative and aggressive in this area, with popular new concepts that offer luxury seating, upscale food offerings and full drink menus for moviegoers. Some restaurants have made their restaurant component a true stand- alone feature, open and operating even when the rest of the theater itself may be closed. DEPARTMENT STORE FUTURES Developers and retailers are even work- ing in concert to find creative new ways to make department stores more viable, engaging and interactive with adjacent town center spaces. One of the most in- triguing possibilities is to transform what has traditionally been an introverted box into more of an exterior-facing entity, with some departments lining the street–and perhaps providing additional points of entry. Some department store brands are even considering recommitting to quality food offerings, giving themselves another opportunity to drive traffic and present an element that interacts with the street. LIVING IT UP As important as residential is to the mixed-use equation, it isn't surprising to Digitally Enhancing The Shopper Experience Advanced Digital Wayfinding // Associated Advertising & Promotion Alanna Foxwell │ (404) 564 - 3333 │ Our Approach Mall owners want revenue and innovation, but unobstructed sight- lines and less clutter Tenants want to make an impression and push more for promotional opportunities Shoppers want availability, ease of use and relevance SoLe Mia Miami is a mixed-use development that will feature retail, entertainment and dining, along with residential development. Courtesy D3i Architects

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