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MAY 2017

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RETAIL REVIEW May 2017 • SHOPPING CENTER BUSINESS • 69 certainly have a great, fresh salad or a glass of wine. Everything should feel like it works together." The food and cocktail segment of the business will largely be relegated to the company's larger stores, leaving the fo- cus on coffee for smaller shops. "In our larger retail concepts that feel more like a lounge with a lot of space, we're going to develop more of a day-to-night concept where we'll have beer and wine list and a great food program," she says. "On the other hand, we have some con- cepts that are really small; they're 80 to 100 square feet," continues Singer. "We've opened at Ponce City Market in Atlanta and at a food hall here in Birmingham, so those are small concepts for us, and by na- ture of where they are and what function they serve, it will be a much more stream- lined experience with a focus on coffee." As far as new locations are concerned, Revelator plans to focus on opening up more of the small concept shops over the course of the coming year. "The new lo- cations we're looking at for the upcoming year, we're really more interested in small- er concepts," says Singer. "We've found you can do a really great job with coffee in a relatively limited space, so we're toy- ing around a lot with food halls — we just finished one here in Birmingham which was 100 square feet — and we're looking at some other small concepts along those lines." "We're going to work really hard this year with the Octane team — they've built an incredible company over the last few years and they've done certain aspects of the business better than we've been able to do over the past couple of years," says Singer. "Octane has a really loyal cus- tomer base, they've done a great job of building community, and they also have great cocktail and food menus. By joining forces with Octane, we're in a position to really think broadly about that whole day- to-night experience." As part of this process, Revelator plans to take is easy on expansion and focus on really sharpening their existing offer- ing and taking the concept to its fullest potential. 'This year, we're really focused on our current 18 locations; getting food launched; getting a top-notch bar pro- gram launched; and starting to formalize that among our existing spaces," Singer says. "We spent the last two or three years growing really fast, and this year I think is about going back in, shoring up what we've done well, making sure those pro- cesses are well established and in place, and making it a really special experience." SCB While Revelator's current focus is on great coffee, the company is rolling out an initiative that will include a menu of cocktails, beer, wine and expanded food offerings. Pictured is a Revelator coffeeshop in the company's headquarter city of Birmingham, Alabama. The company has stores open across the Southeast in cities including New Orleans, Chattanooga, Atlanta and Charleston.

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